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Facial Range by Dermalogica
'the best choice for your skin, naturally'
This skin range has only the best quality natural ingredients combined with aromatherapy oils that have been formulated to enhance your skin type and give optimum  results.
Prescriptive Facial  
This treatment includes a cleanse then a deep cleanse using steam when appropriate, followed by  a gentle peel or scrub.  Next a warm aroma compress is applied followed by a face, neck and shoulder message
Luxury Aroma-Facial  
The ultimate in relaxing luxury. This treatment includes a cleanse, tone, peel or scrub. A warm compress is applied to enhance the massage which is given to the face, neck, shoulders and upper arms using blended aromatherapy oils. While the mask is working on your skin a hand or foot massage is given. Finally a moisturiser is applied to suit your skin type, leaving you completely relaxed and ready to face the world again! Steam is used throughout the treatment at appropriate times.
Collagen Facial  
This facial is designed to reduce the signs of ageing using freeze dried sheets of collagen. Suitable for all skin types, especially for dry, sensitive and ageing skin. Helps to reverse the ageing process by boosting the levels of collagen, reducing fine lines.
Express Facial  
An ideal ‘pick me up’ leaving the skin feeling refreshed and revitalised. Can also be used as treatment between facials or to enhance other treatments.
Revitalising Eyes  
This treatment includes a gentle cleanse and exfoliation, using pressure points around the eyes to increase the circulation, helping to diminish dark circles. An eye mask is then applied to eliminate puffiness. To finish a firming booster is applied to help reduce fine lines.

Men Only
Massage, Waxing, Manicure, Pedicure etc are also on offer for men
Male Facial  
This facial is specifically designed for male clients. Includes cleanse, deep cleanse, tone and scrub. A warm compress is applied to enhance the face, neck, shoulders and upper arm, massage using blended oils. A customised mask is then applied and finished with the skin being moisturised.
Super Male Facial  
The ultimate in relaxation. To begin the treatment a back, neck and shoulder massage is given using blended aromatherapy oils. The male facial is then applied and during the customised mask a scalp massage is given to conclude the session.
Deep Cleansing Back  
A deep cleanse and exfoliation to remove any dead skin and excess oil. Stress relieving oils are then blended and a back massage given.
Pedicure etc are also on offer for men
And Now For the Kids
These treatments are ideal for giving something special as a present that will always be remembered. Due to medical advice we are unable to give body treatments to children aged under 16 years.
Includes massage, file and polish. Add Little Princess Sparkle Face
Little Princess Facial  
Includes cleanse, tone & moisturiser
Sparkle Princess Face  
As above but includes a first lesson in the art of make up for young ladies.
A combination of the above treatments for special occasions. Parties include, mini make-over, nails painted (plus gems or nail art), face & body glitter, little princess photography, juice & snacks and a goodie bag to take home. Minimum 4, maximum 12
Bespoke Teens 12-17 years
Clean Skin Facial  
Our prescriptive facial is designed specifically for teenage skin and helps balance oil secretions and re-hydrates the skin. The result is a bright even complexion, and increased confidence levels. See our specialised brochure for full details.

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