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Massage & Body Treatments

Body Treatments
This body treatment range has been put together to give you the ultimate result.
Body Glitz  
Full body treatment which includes a body brush and exfoliation. Then generous amounts of detoxifying oils are massaged into the skin. A mask is applied and you are then left to relax. To finish a cream moisturiser is applied. An ideal pre-holiday treatment leaving the skin at its best for an even suntan. Leaves you feeling relaxed and revitalised, which also makes for an ideal treatment any time of the year.
Deep Cleansing Back  
A deep cleansing back treatment. A cleanse is applied to remove excess oil and debris. Exfoliation to remove dead skin leaving the skin glowing. Stress relieving aromatherapy oils and a customised mask will leave your skin feeling clean and fresh.
Best Foot Forward  
When your feet ache is shows on your face. Ease those aches and pains with this soothing treatment. A gentle massage using plant extracts which have been selected to help reduce puffiness and cool fee. Nail varnish is applied to give the feet that finishing touch.
Holistic Therapies
A blend of natural pure essential oils, specifically designed for the individual. Relieves the negative effects of everyday worries, stress and strains. Helps to soothe the mind and body leaving you able to face the world again.
Full Body   Back &Shoulders  
Face & Scalp   Upper Body  
Top to Toe      
This involves the manipulation of specific reflex areas on the feet which correspond to various parts of the body. Helps to clear your meridian lines, eliminates toxins therefore maintaining the body’s equilibrium, while improving your well being and giving energy. Ideally used as a course.
    Per Session  
Swedish Massage
Stimulates blood circulation, helping to remove toxins aiding detoxification. Relieves tension and soothes muscular aches and pains. An invigorating massage.
Fully Body   Back & Shoulders  
Scalp Massage   Remedial Back Massage  
Remedial Back Massage
A specially designed back massage which manipulates the muscles and bones of the back. Includes stretching of the neck and arms. An ideal treatment for muscular tension and specifically suited to those with particular back problems.
Remedial Back Massage      
Therapeutic Massage
A stimulating deep tissue and invigorating massage. Helps to reduce tension and stress, while improving circulation and lymphatic drainage. Leaving you feeling refreshed.
Full Body   Back & Shoulders  
Mother to be
A treatment especially designed for mothers to be, using only the safest of aromatherapy oils. Also helps back pain and relax the mum-to-be.
Mother to be      
See our specialised brochure for further info and a list of full treatments.
Reiki means the universal life energy. This treatment is an intriguing healing technique. It draws on the energy surrounding you giving the body the ability to heal itself. This treatment treats the body, mind and spirit as a whole. Previous clients who have used this treatment highly recommend it.
Hot Stone Massage
Founded over 200 years ago in Arizona. Much, much more than a massage! Using stones imported from Arizona this treatment puts you into a state of deep relaxation for the body and soul.
30 Minutes Treatment   45 Minutes Treatment  
Hopi Ear Candles
Originally from Siberian prairies, Asia and the North & South American Indians, this popular treatment uses hand made candles. The benefits include helping ear ache, sinuses, nasal breathing and sense of smell. Ideal for clients who experience ear pain on plane journeys.
Hopi Ear Candles      
Add Ons
We offer special discount treatments only as part of other treatment
Scalp Massage  
Using the pressure points in the head aiding relaxation  
10 Minutes Back Massage  
Excellent add on treatment for complete relaxaion  
Hand or Foot Massage  
Perfect to help sore or tired hands and fee  

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